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Engage readers and create clients with my well researched and value driven copy. My job is to create content which speaks the language of your brand. So I research like mad. And then I research some more. I won’t write a word until I’m so excited about your brand and your ideas that I’m about to go POP. This translates into the copy I create, inspiring your readers and inspiring you.


Show the quality of your brand with copy to engage your audience. I’m obsessed about keeping language simple and effective. Large corporate or small local business, there is no excuse for rough copy or vague explanations. Or worse still, business jargon (yuck). It is absolutely possible to be, ya know, exciting AND informative. Whatever your industry, I make content colourful.

Creative Ideas

I don’t like to brag, but some people have called me a creative angel. This sounds way better than my own description of obsessive, geeky perfectionist. I love to help come up with creative ideas for your website and brand. I’m a copywriter. But I am also a web designer, branding specialist and marketer. And I am always adding to my skill set so that I can better serve you.

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If you’re looking for someone who gets the job done and exceeds your original expectations, call Beth. Wonderful communication and listening skills, always immediately understands what I am looking to achieve and delivers her work in a timely and efficient manner. Consistently demonstrates her love of a challenge and an ability to push her own boundaries. I would definitely recommend Beth, in fact I already have. Beth is an absolute joy to work with and produces interesting and unique content. Thank you for helping my businesses become the successes they are.

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“Beth is so full of energy and ideas, and her work is exceptional. She is happy to compromise and always up for the challenge! I always come to her when I need anything, and have already recommended her to friends and colleagues.”

James Scott www.autolawn.co.uk

“Great and highly professional. I would definitely recommend.”

“Great level of communication and very quick at turning work around. Intriguing and powerful web copy that flows nicely and captures the exact tone we were looking to achieve.”

“Beth goes above and beyond and has a friendly, easy-going personality. She is an absolute delight to work with- very experienced and professional. Helped us create wonderful content for our website as well as offered great advice regarding SEO and had extensive knowledge with website development. Beth’s colorful personality resonates in her content. You will be thrilled with the work that she does to help get your message across, I can’t wait to work with Beth again in the future!”

Nicole Lawson www.supportedsoul.com

“Beth’s words are powerful and transformative. I was compelled by her confidence and conviction and that’s exactly what I wanted my readers to feel! Excellent work.”

“Top quality work, hope to collaborate with Beth again in the future!”

“If you need any content just give Beth a shout, she is brilliant and always thinks about SEO. Would work with her again for sure!”

“Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating the future.” – James Bertrand